RPM PROMO (referred to herein as "The Company") and its whollyowned subsidiaries are committed to protecting the privacy of The Company usersand the overall integrity of the internet. To that end, we are disclosing hereany issues related to privacy in the collection by The Company of personallyidentifiable information from users of The Company


We have adopted a set of informationmanagement guidelines that serve as the basis for our customer and advertiserrelationships. Guidelines are subject to change and any such changes to ourprivacy policy will be posted on this page without notification.


Questions regarding this statement shouldbe directed to the The Company site coordinator at


A summary of the measures taken by TheCompany to protect our users' privacy is as follows:

·        We do not provide or sell yourdetails to third parties unless you have specifically requested that we do so,in order that these advertisers and/or third parties can offer you information,goods and services that may be of interest to you. In the case of email theseoffers will only come to you from The Company.

·        The Company may contact you bypost or telephone with details of their products, services and promotions. Inthe case of email and SMS this correspondence will only be sent to those userswho have opted in to receive communications via these methods.

·        All our email and SMScorrespondence includes an unsubscribe option.

·        You decide whether to postpublicly a personal email address when participating in online discussions. Ifyou would like to opt out of this arrangement at any time please select tounsubscribe when posting discussions.

·        We reserve the right todisclose information about member usage and demographics to advertisers andpartners, but in anonymous aggregate form only. The Company will not revealyour personal identity in connection with the disclosure of such information.


Whatpersonally identifiable information do we collect about you?


We collect information on our users in thefollowing way:


We may require users to provide us with aname, email address, postal address, postcode, gender and date of birth inorder to register for access to certain services. We may also ask for othernon-mandatory demographic information from subscribers, including number ofchildren and occupation. This information is stored by us and our dataprocessors (see below).


We may also collect personal informationfrom you through your use of enquiry and feedback forms and every time youemail us your details.


We may also log IP addresses, or thelocation of your computer on the internet, for systems administration andtroubleshooting purposes. We occasionally use IP addresses to track a user'ssession, but do not link IP addresses to personally identifiable information.


Whatdo we do with the information collected?


We may perform statistical analyses of userbehaviour in order to measure relative consumer interest in the various areasof our site (for product development purposes) and to inform advertisers as tohow many consumers have seen or 'clicked' their advertising banners. Inperforming these statistical analyses, we will disclose information to thirdparties only in aggregate form. Personal information on individual subscriberswill not be provided to any third party if you object.


We may periodically send you email updateson The Company and services offered by The Company and its advertisers. Onlythose users who have opted in to receive these communications via email or SMSwill receive this information via these methods. If you wish to opt out ofreceiving such information from us, please use the unsubscribe option includedin all our email correspondence or send an email to stating that you would prefer not to receive such mailings.


We will also use your information to targetbanner and box advertising on the site so you will see advertising that may bemore relevant to you. You will never be targeted as an individual, but as a largerdemographic group of similar users. This use of your personal information iscontractual to the use of The Company. If you do not wish your information tobe used in this way then you will be unable to use those areas of The Companythat may require registration.


Withwhom do we share the information we collect?


We will not sell, trade or rent yourpersonal information to others unless you have given us your permission. Withyour permission we will only share the information with carefully chosen,reputable and trustworthy third parties. Also, we may provide aggregatestatistics on our customers, sales, traffic patterns and related siteinformation to reputable third-party vendors, but these statistics will includeno personally identifying information.


We will provide subscribers a summary ofall personal information that we process on them upon request. We will charge 20€for such requests. To make such a request, send an email to and include the emailaddress that you registered with along with your full postal address andpostcode.


We are not responsible for the content orthe privacy policies of Web sites to which The Company may link.


We may employ external companies to act onour behalf as data processors for internal business purposes. Data processorswill abide by the Privacy Policy detailed here and will not disclose personaldetails to any other organisations or use data other than for purposes requiredby us. This use of your personal details is contractual to the use of TheCompany




What is a cookie?


A cookie is a small, numeric text file thatis stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Any information youprovide to us is held securely on our web servers and not on your machine.


Why does The Company may use cookies?


Cookies make it possible for us to identifyregistered users without needing to ask for registration details every time youaccess one of our sites. Using cookies makes accessing our sites moreconvenient as you don't need to remember you username and password each timeyou enter.


We may also use cookies to track registeredor unregistered users as they travel through the site - for instance, we mightuse cookies to count the total number of unique users who are accessing thesite over a particular period of time, or to ensure that you don't see aparticular advert more than once. This information is only shared with thirdparties in aggregate form. The use of cookies in this way helps to make oursystems more efficient.


Opting to have an automatic login cookie onyour computer's hard drive will allow you to bypass login screens, unless youhave cookies disabled in your browser. Firewalls set up by your company networkmay prohibit the use of browser cookies.

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